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assessments that reflect classical,
homeschool cu

The assessments you use should support your educational choice.

You chose a classical, homeschool education for a reason. But when it comes to assessing your student's progress, finding a like-minded option can be frustrating.

While other standardized tests embrace Common Core curriculum and feature dry, biased content, Classic Learning Test's (CLT) assessments for Grades 3-12 utilize timeless material and assess foundational skills, providing homeschool parents with a meaningful metric of their students' abilities.

With CLT assessments, you can feel confident that the education you've chosen is equipping your child to succeed academically and beyond.

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Our Suite of Assessments

College entrance exam for Challenge III and IV

College preparatory exam for Challenge I and II

Summative assessments for Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge A & B

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"My eldest did significantly better on the CLT® than the ACT®, enough to qualify for higher merit-based scholarships."

Suzanne J., Homeschool Parent 

In recent years CLT has become the preferred assessment provider for thousands of homeschool families and co-op groups. CLT's 3rd-12th grade assessments are all norm-referenced, fulfilling end-of-year testing requirements for homeschoolers in a majority of states.

Assessing reading, grammar, writing, and mathematics, CLT assessments emphasize critical thinking, feature meaningful reading content, and better reflect a traditional education.

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Free resources for homeschool families.

In addition to assessments, CLT offers free resources to strengthen your education.

Our live seminar series, Journey Through the Author Bank, invites students, parents, and all fellow learners to unlock the history and ideas behind influential authors in the Western tradition.

Our podcast, Anchored, is the leading podcast at the intersection of education and culture.

The CLT Journal features essays on Great Books, college preparation advice, study tips, and more.

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More Praise for CLT

"After my students took the CLT8 and CLT10, I used the analytics extensively to identify weaknesses in subjects, evaluate the curriculum I was using, and better prepare them for academic success."

Allisha S.

Homeschool Parent

"Not only was the CLT a better test for me, but I was able to attend my dream college with great scholarships.”

Regina G.

Homeschool Student and CLT Test-Taker

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