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CLT (Classic Learning Test) provides assessments steeped in the liberal arts tradition. Taken 100% online, our exams provide a comprehensive measure of aptitude and achievement for Challenge A through IV . 

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Our Suite of Assessments


College entrance exam for Challenge III and IV students


College preparatory exam for Challenge I and II students


Diagnostic tool for Challenge A and B students

A true education inspires. A test should be no different.


If education is truly one of life’s most important endeavors, shouldn’t tests place students in front of the most impactful and meaningful conversations across time?

By using meaningful and timeless primary sources from the Great Books tradition, CLT provides tests that deliver more rigorous content and promote critical and higher-level analysis. Our CLT8 and CLT10 are norm-referenced, providing greater peace of mind for homeschool families.




















Designed for homeschool families like yours.


In recent years CLT has become the preferred assessment provider for thousands of homeschool families and co-op groups. Relying on rich texts written by history’s greatest thinkers, CLT exams are a perfect fit for classical curricula and feature diverse subject matter such as:

  • Historical/Founding Documents
  • Philosophy/Religion
  • Literature
  • Science
  • Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Thinkers

Free resources for homeschool students and families.


In addition to assessments, CLT offers free educational resources to strengthen your liberal arts education. Our podcast, Anchored, is the leading podcast at the intersection of education and culture, featuring thinkers like Cornel West, Robert P. George, Angel Adams, and more.


The CLT Journal features brief essays on the great authors, books, and ideas of our educational tradition. These essays are composed by CLT staff and guest contributors, including both professional scholars and our own top students.

Our live seminar series, Journey Through the Author Bank, invites students, parents, and all fellow learners to unlock the history and ideas behind influential authors in the Western tradition. Led by professors from our partner colleges and universities, each seminar explores a new thinker from the CLT Author Bank.
















Benefits of CLT Assessments

Taken From Home

Scholarship Opportunities

Targeted Analytics

Classically Driven Content


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Classical Conversations offers 3 testing options to their members. Reference this chart to see which test is right for your family.


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Registering for any CLT exam is easy. Simply click on the "Register" button below and create a free account. Once you enter the student portal, click "Register for a Test" and follow the steps until checkout. We've also created a short tutorial video to guide you through the process!

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"This is a great exam which tests thinking skills, not just memorization. I'm thrilled that you have made testing possible for students who aren't enrolled in schools...I really think this is a great test and does a much better job of looking at critical thinking skills etc. which are so important."

Suzanne J.

Homeschool Parent

"It was the only standardized test I took where I felt like I was being tested in a way that mattered."

Lianna Y.

CLT Test-Taker

"I'm so grateful to CLT for making my testing experience such a positive one, and for helping me get into the school of my dreams." 

Regina G.

Homeschool Student and CLT Test-Taker