Accommodations Request Form


CLT gladly provides testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities who have been tested in the past five years. Just fill out the below form to get started! Please note that, even if CLT has previously approved accommodations for past dates, we do ask that a student or parent email to inform the Director of Disability Services that the student will be testing again. Also, formerly, only students taking the official CLT were required to submit accommodations requests. Beginning in 2020, CLT10 and CLT8 students with diagnoses that require testing accommodations are also required to submit accommodation requests to CLT.

Parents must also submit the Consent Form for Releasing Accommodations Documentation which authorizes the student's school to release accommodations-related documentation. 

Note on CLT exams labeled "In-School": In-School test dates are weekday test dates for schools that wish to offer CLT tests to entire grades or groups of their own students. These test dates are only open to students at such schools. To learn more about In-School test dates, please contact CLT's Vice President of Partnerships, Soren Schwab, at or 844-925-8392 ext. 725.


The deadline for extended time requests is one week prior to the pertinent test date.

The deadline for other accommodations requests is two weeks prior to the test date.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to process any requests submitted after deadlines, but in certain cases we may be able to work with you; contact