Order CLT3-8 exams for the Spring 2024 administration.

Please note: This order form is for schools or homeschool groups only. Individual sign-ups for the Spring 2024 CLT3-8 exams will be available soon on our website.

The first operational CLT3-8 exams will be offered in Spring 2024 as year-end assessments. The Spring 2024 administration will include the CLT3, CLT4, CLT5, and CLT6, in addition to the new CLT7 and CLT8—all aligned across standards and skills. These tests will be available both on paper and online and will be open from April 22 to May 17, 2024. 

Important: If your school has administered the online CLT8 before, please note that the May 2024 CLT8 will be administered on a new platform with a different registration management process. Please contact your sales representative for more information!

In AY 2024-2025, the CLT3-8 assessments will be offered twice, once in the fall and once in the spring.

Questions? Contact us at sales@cltexam.com.

Online test administration allows you to order your tests later, receive your scores faster, and review your analytics sooner.

All print orders must be finalized six weeks prior to the test date - so get your orders in early! Print surcharge applies.

Spring 2023 Pilot Test


The in-school administration of the 2023 CLT3-6 Pilot Assessment has ended. Scores will be released mid-October 2023.

Schools who participated in the pilot assessment are required to complete the mandatory post test survey, in addition to reviewing their answer sheets and mailing them back to CLT with the included return envelope and label.