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CLT makes it easy to administer great assessments.

Featuring passages from history’s greatest thinkers and questions that inspire deep thinking, CLT not only provides a better test taking experience, but a more rigorous assessment that integrates and complements your curriculum and mission.

CLT assessments are intended for schools both as a formative assessment in the fall and a summative assessment in the spring. Feedback provided by CLT analytics allows faculty and administrators to identify areas of strength and weakness in individual students before the first half of the school year gets underway. The spring is ideal for monitoring growth in students, as well as evaluating curriculum decisions for the following year.

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Paper exams are available for all of our in-school testing days. All print orders are finalized six weeks prior to the test date - so get your orders in early! Print surcharge applies.*

Upper grade assessments are administered online from your school on our in-school testing days. Each student needs an internet-connected device. These exams are proctored by the school.*

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Upper Grade Assessment Suite


High school readiness exam for 7th and 8th graders


College preparatory exam for 9th and 10th graders


College entrance exam for 11th and 12th graders

The CLT Difference

One of the most valuable parts of the CLT Suite of Assessments is the Student Analytics. Student Analytics act as a tool to guide your approach in the classroom. The analytics break down each test by question type, detailing which concepts students grasp fully and which concepts could use improvement. This enables educators to encourage their students' strengths while helping them grow in the areas that need it most.