Assessments that complement a homeschool education

At CLT, we strive to support homeschool families by providing online assessments that engage students with meaningful content and equip parents with valuable academic insights.

A true education inspires. A test should be no different.


If education is truly one of life’s most important endeavors, shouldn’t tests place students in front of the most impactful and meaningful conversations across time?

By using meaningful and timeless primary sources from the Great Books tradition, CLT provides tests that deliver more rigorous content and promote critical and higher-level analysis. Our CLT3-8 and CLT10 are norm-referenced, providing greater peace of mind for homeschool families.

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Our Suite of Assessments


Summative exams for 3rd through 8th grade students


College preparatory exam for 9th and 10th grade students


College entrance exam for 11th and 12th grade students

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Designed for homeschool families like yours.


In recent years CLT has become the preferred assessment for thousands of homeschool families and co-op groups. Relying on rich texts written by history’s greatest thinkers and offering in-depth analytics reports in 15+ academic domains, CLT is a perfect fit for homeschool curricula. Our exams feature diverse subject matter including:

  • Science
  • Historical/Founding Documents
  • Philosophy/Religion
  • Literature
  • Modern/Influential Thinkers

Benefits of CLT Assessments

Taken From Home

Scholarship Opportunities

Targeted Analytics

Enriching Content


"This is a great exam which tests thinking skills, not just memorization. I'm thrilled that you have made testing possible for students who aren't enrolled in schools...I really think this is a great test and does a much better job of looking at critical thinking skills etc. which are so important."

Suzanne J.

Homeschool Parent


"It was the only standardized test I took where I felt like I was being tested in a way that mattered."

Lianna Y.

CLT Test-Taker

“The literature and grammar sections of the CLT10, in particular, contained well-written and relevant content which left me wanting to read the entire works, not just the excerpts on the test. I appreciate the verbal and writing selections; it gave the CLT10 an almost relaxing feel to it that I didn't have on the ACT. I would take this test again rather than any other standardized test.”

CLT10 Test-Taker