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CLT assessments for grades 3-6 support and enliven education that seeks truth, goodness, and beauty.

Classic Learning Test is thrilled to introduce its pilot assessments for grades 3-6, providing teachers with valuable tools to promote robust and meaningful learning in the classroom. While many of today's standardized tests overlook logic and critical thinking skills, lack classic texts and literature, and require tedious hours of testing, CLT's assessments deliver tangible feedback in an inspiring and user-friendly format.

CLT's pilot assessments for grades 3-6 are free for schools and educators. Each includes in-depth analytics detailing students' performance in 15+ academic domains.

The CLT3-6 pilot test is offered on paper and is available only to schools within the United States. A minimum order of 15 tests (regardless of test type) applies.

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Looking for additional details regarding CLT3-6? Visit our webpage featuring a sample test, test blueprints, and content framework.

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