Testing Timeline for the

CLT Suite of Assessments

Philosophy of Testing


The following timeline is a suggestion based on what works for many students. That being said, each student is different, so the timeline should be approached with each student’s individual situation, strengths, and weaknesses in mind. Because we strongly believe in educational freedom and choice, we trust that the student’s parents and teachers know best what their student needs.



















Something To Consider


One of the most valuable parts of the CLT Suite of Assessments is the Student Analytics. Instead of approaching the exams purely as a means to get scores—though this is a necessary purpose of standardized exams that the CLT assessments fulfill—use the student analytics to guide your overall education. The analytics break down the test into the question types in each section to show which concepts the student grasps fully and which concepts are opportunities for improvement. This information can be well-employed in making students’ educational plans which complement their strengths and support where they have opportunities to grow.

Recommended Testing Timeline





















Details and Tips


  • Check here to see if the CLT8 fulfills your state's end-of-year testing requirements.
  • Feel free to take the CLT8 at the beginning of 9th grade. A test of lower difficulty is a good way to learn how to manage time and build testing confidence.


  • Check here to see if the CLT10 fulfills your state's end-of-year testing requirements.
  • CLT offers awards and recognition to top-scorers on the CLT10.
  • CLT grants scholarships to top-scoring sophomores who matriculate to a CLT partner college.
  • The CLT10 is an excellent way to prepare for the CLT as familiarity breeds confidence.
  • Send CLT10 scores for free to our partner colleges to demonstrate early interest, but keep in mind that CLT10 scores do NOT fulfill college admission requirements. You must still take the CLT or an alternative college entrance exam.


  • Take the CLT early! It is beneficial to start even the summer before your junior year. Many competitive scholarships that offer the greatest merit have early deadlines—as early as November of senior year—so make sure to check college and scholarship applications deadlines.  Qualifying test scores need to be achieved prior to these deadlines.
  • Early CLT test scores also help narrow college choices by revealing which scholarships are offered in your score range. That being said, if your scores are lower than you were hoping . . .
  • Take the CLT often! Taking the CLT as often as it is offered is a great way to relieve testing anxiety and improve scores. Then you can send your best score to CLT's partner colleges with free, unlimited score sharing.
  • Breathe! Rest easy knowing your CLT score demonstrates your critical thinking and reasoning skills, results of a quality education.